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Medieval magic - Besalu-Castellfollit de la Roca-Rupit

Following the trail of castles, atmospheric churches, country houses and untold legends, we will discover the essence of the Catalan Middle Ages ...

Besalu - a small, charming town, retaining in its historic center the specific character of old epochs and thanks to unique monuments has been recognized as the National Complex of Monuments of special historical and artistic value - Conjunto Artistico -Historico Nacional.

- Stone bridge from the 11th-12th centuries - the symbol of the city

- Call - remains of the Jewish Quarter

- Plaza Mayor - a former trade center, a place where routes connecting 3 cities of the region - Girona, Olot, Figueres

- Inglesia de Sant Pere - St. Peter's Church - 1000-year-old stone temple

- Inglesia de Sant Vincente - Church of St. Wincentego - Romanesque temple with a gothic rosette

Micromundi-Museum of Miniatures - a unique and unusual museum of miniatures, miniatures and microminiatures viewed under a microscope.

Castellfollit de la Roca - La Garrotxa - an unusual town in the land of volcanoes, built on the edge of a 1 km long gigantic basalt rock, is one of the smallest towns in Spain.

Santuario del Far - Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Lighthouse - a stone temple from the 15th century associated with an amazing legend. Next to the sanctuary there is one of the most beautiful observation decks of the Vall d'Hostoles and the volcanic peaks of Garrotxa.

Rupit - an everlasting medieval town will take us to the distant times of rural idyll, a place where time has stood still.

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