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Roman Tarragona Proud, strong and brave ...

Tarragona, or Tarraco, the capital of the former Roman province, is an extraordinary archaeological complex that transports us to the distant times of amphitheaters and chariots.

Already 4 km before Tarragona we will visit - Aqueducte de les Ferres-Pont del Diable, i.e. the Roman Aqueduct called the Devil's Bridge from the 1st century BC, which was used to transport water from the Fracoli River to the city.

Then we will go to the heart of Tarragona to the Cathedral of Santa Maria built on the ruins of the temple of the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus.

We will walk through the medieval old town built in the 12th century on the remains of a Roman city, and surrounded by fragments of walls from the times of the Roman Empire.

The highlight of the trip will be entered on the UNESCO list -

Circ-Pretori Roma - Circus and Roman Praetorium and

Amphitheater Roma - Roman Amphitheater .

Finally, we will go to the huge observation deck of Balco del Mediterrani with a breathtaking panorama of the port, the Roman amphitheater and the coast of Tarragona.


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