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Crazy Dali Museum of Figueras and medieval Girona

Crazy Salvador Dali - Museum - Figueras

... The only difference for me from a madman is that I am not one ...
Phenomenon, genius, eccentric ... the most controversial artist of surreal art. His works are the creations of an incredible versatility of mind, imagination and fantasy.

... Perhaps like everyone else, gentlemen can see Madonna, I can see stairs here ...
The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueras is a reflection of his mentality and perception of the world ... chaos, mess and otherness surprises and delights.
The theater building in which the museum is located is a symbolic place designed by the artist himself, and this is also the place where his work was exhibited for the first time ...
Welcome to the world reflected in the mirror ... Dalí ...

Medieval Girona

Walking and visiting Girona is a journey back in time ...

-Casas de Onyar - colorful buildings on the very bank of the Onyar River in the Florentine style.
- Lioness of Girona - legends and myths
- Sant Feliu church - baroque facade, romanesque arcades and a gothic belfry - a mixture of styles. The facade is decorated with a 1,200-year-old fresco and inside a beautiful Visigothic altar. The patron saint of Girona, known as "Saint Narcissus of flies", also rests here.
city panorama with medieval city walls
-Cathedral de Santa Maria - in the Gothic style, the longest stairs in Spain lead to the entrance.
- the old town and the Jewish district
-tasting regional specialties


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