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Marineland Palafolls

Marineland is an amusement park in which you will definitely not be bored, because Marineland is two parks in one: a dolphinarium, a sea zoo and a water park.
The Dolphinarium organizes a show lasting more than an hour twice a day, during which sea lions and dolphins under the watchful eye of trainers show off their swimming skills to the sounds of music. By the way, we will listen to interesting facts about these marine mammals and the family of dolphins living in the dolphinarium.
At the zoo, we will get to know 32 species of birds, we also have the opportunity to observe penguins and sea lions swimming in the pool, standing in a special tunnel under the water surface. The amphitheater organizes flight shows of colorful, exotic birds, presenting their possibilities. At the same time, the trainers tell the viewers about their habits in the natural environment and teach them to recognize individual species.
The other part of Marineland is a water park with attractions for all ages. We can use various slides and pools, or simply swim. A large selection of attractions, from gentle descents, through very steep slides to jumping on the banja, gives us an impression. The youngest have not been forgotten, for whom a special Mini Water Park has been created, there is also a small train running around a small lake in the zoo.

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