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Pirate Costa Brava - Boat trip to Tossa de Mar

Costa Brava is a beautiful coast of Spain, called the Wild Coast because of the picturesque and sharp rocks on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Among the rocks there are often small and beautiful coves with sandy beaches.

Ahoy !!!

Enjoy a great boat trip from the resorts of Costa Maresme and Costa Barcelona

to the picturesque town of Tossa de Mar. During the journey along the several-meter-long coast of the Costa Brava, we will see an amazing gallery of picturesque cliffs and rocks, and we will moor to several coves.

The ship is also equipped with glass sides through which you can watch the underwater world.

Direction Tossa de Mar.

Tossa de Mar is a picturesque and amazing town hidden among the rocks that will delight not only with its beautiful beach and stunning nature, but also with the richness of art and history.


  • Ruins of the Roman settlement of Turrisa from the 1st-4th century AD discovered around 1914.

  • The chapel of Verge dels Socors - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, venerated by sailors and merchants.

  • Medieval defensive walls from the 12th-13th centuries built to protect the inhabitants from pirates.

  • Monument to the American actress Ava Gardner, thanks to whom Tossa de Mar a small fishing town became a bustling resort.

  • A panorama of the coast, medieval cannons and the ruins of the Gothic Church of St. Vincent from the 15th century, destroyed by the Napoleonic army in 1808.

  • Lighthouse

  • Neoclassical Parish Church of St. Vincent with a replica of the Black Madonna of Montserrat. An unforgettable experience guaranteed.


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